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Why A Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet?

A whole-food, plant-based diet has been shown to:

  • Prevent and reverse obesity
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Reverse or prevent heart disease
  • Lower the risk of cancer
  • Slow the progression of certain types of cancer
  • Improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Reduce need for pharmaceuticals
  • Improve overall quality of life

Transitioning to a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet

Being inspired to make healthy changes and choices is the first step toward regaining vitality, but you also need a compass and a map so you can stay the course.  Judy's approach isn't just about what not to eat, but rather embracing and falling in love with the foods that your body needs to heal and thrive.  If you have been eating SAD (the Standard American Diet) for some time, then you will need guidance, support and inspiration to continue the journey towards more healthful patterns.  Judy can inform and inspire you to make beneficial choices, at your own pace, for optimum health.

Now Is the Time!

Have you been meaning to add more super nourishing plant foods into your life but don't know how?  Do you need help transitioning from the SAD (Standard American Diet)?  Then contact Judy because she can guide you through this process with a personalized plan . . . no guilt, no fuss, no stress!  

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Judy is certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner with advanced training in Transformational Energy Healing, holds a certificate in Whole Foods,  Plant-Based  Nutrition through e-Cornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Light.  Judy is not an MD, PA, OD, ND, Licensed Dietician or Licensed Nutritionist, and does not diagnose or treat disease.  All information is offered to assist one's innate ability to balance body, mind, emotions & spirit.  Clients are encouraged to seek advice from medical doctors in addition to considering complementary and alternative practices.