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Holistic Health Solutions using Medical Medium Protocols

Judy's approach is to carefully look at the complete picture and suggest holistic solutions which support the person's innate ability to heal themselves from many situations.

Judy meets all clients "where they are”, then helps them continue on their individual journeys towards vibrant health. As with all journeys, there may be set backs and confusion - but with Divine grace, inspiration, compassion, and humor - Judy can help navigate through the darkness into the light.

Restoring balance on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is always the goal as well as preventing illness and disharmony through healthy habits and conscious living. 

Being inspired to make healthy changes and choices is the first step toward regaining vitality, but you also need a compass and a map so you can stay the course. Judy's approach isn't just about what not to eat, but rather embracing and falling in love with the foods that your body needs to heal and thrive. If you have been eating SAD (the Standard American Diet) for some time, then you will need guidance, support and inspiration to continue the journey towards more healthful patterns.  Judy has a multi page PDF entitled, "Heathy Habits" which she shares with new clients. This goes into great detail to inform and inspire you to make beneficial choices for optimum health. Ongoing meal inspiration is available at no cost.

Anthony William Medical Medium version of Plant-Based Nutrition

Nutritious eating may not be enough, however, to restore vibrant health once it is lost. In these cases, supplementing with select nutrients, micro nutrients, minerals, trace minerals, microbial defense, herbs, adaptogens, allergy desensitizers, etc. may also be necessary to stimulate the body's ability to restore health. Foods, herbs, and supplement suggestions are guided through a combination of intuition, study, and an understanding of Anthony William's teachings.

Judy can show you how to avoid environmental toxins and health disruptors, as well as methods for gentle detoxification when needed. If it relates to health and balance, Judy can assist you. Meditations, visualizations, breath work, energy healing/balancing and harnessing positive intentions are just some of the self help tools that Judy can share with you so you can continue the work of healing your physical body, as well as encouraging inner peace, strength and wisdom.


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