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Energy Healing, Biofield Healing, Spiritual Healing


These are general terms to describe healing modalities such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Transformational Energy Healing.  All are based on the ancient principals of “laying on of hands” and the idea that the human body consists of energy fields that can be stimulated through various techniques in order to promote wellness.  Our bodies are imbued with life energy or life force, (Qi or Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India and Tibet, Waken by the Lakotas, Orenda by the Iroquois, Megbe by the Ituri Pygmies, and The Holy Spirit by the Christian tradition) which connects us to universal life force or divine life energy.  Practitioners of energy work believe that in order to maintain good health, one must keep the body’s energy in a balanced state.

Judy helps her clients rebalance their energy by enhancing, unblocking, or dispersing it.  As a result, traumas that are stuck in a person's energy field are released.  Damaged chakras are restored if necessary.  Energetic ties are cut if appropriate to liberate one from past situations or people.  Old, unhealthy patterns are released and new patterns are created.  In addition, during these sessions Judy is able to access the "living library", the flow of information from the past and/or present which is most pertinent to the current situation.  Judy has assisted clients with a wide range of concerns on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Many scientific studies have been conducted proving the effectiveness and positive effects of energy healing whether performed in person or long distance (remotely).  

Energy work has no religious dogma associated with it, yet it can be used as a path to help us remain more connected to our inner selves, our spirituality, and support us as we grow, heal, and transform . .  . promoting well being and peace . . . something that we all could use these days.

The best path to understanding energy healing

is to experience it first hand. 


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Judy is certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner with advanced training in Transformational Energy Healing, holds a certificate in Whole Foods,  Plant-Based  Nutrition through e-Cornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Light.  Judy is not an MD, PA, OD, ND, Licensed Dietician or Licensed Nutritionist, and does not diagnose or treat disease.  All information is offered to assist one's innate ability to balance body, mind, emotions & spirit.  Clients are encouraged to seek advice from medical doctors in addition to considering complementary and alternative practices. 

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