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Garden Photos


I hope you enjoy these photos from our family's organic gardens and their bounty.  My husband is the "farmer" and I'm the "farmer's wife".  We manage to grow enough for our family to eat in season and "put up" for the off season, and we've done so throughout the past 35+ years while working and raising our family.  Our home and gardens are situated on two acres, but large gardens can be grown on much less than that.  Organic produce that is lovingly grown in composted, fertile soil is super nutritious.  I hope these photos inspire you grow your own delights.  For additional garden inspiration and recipes visit my sister site, A Life Well Planted.

Raspberries from our garden.  They are "ever bearers" and typically produce for 3 months.

We cut the raspberry bushes back each fall or early spring and they produce from August through October.

This is a type of oak leaf lettuce, one of many varieties that we grow each year.

We grow both red and green pears.

Cucumbers just starting to grow inside of our greenhouse.  The fence trellis will give them something to cling to.

Fresh picked and getting ready to make borscht.

We gather chestnuts in the fall.


Blueberries are grown in a netted off area.  The birds don't eat the raspberries but love the blueberries.

Broccoli is part of the cruciferous vegetable family.

Rattlesnake string beans growing on tripods

Fresh oregano from our herb garden

Beets, like all veggies, are very nutritious

We are blessed to have wild blackberries growing along side our driveway.

We freeze our peaches, raspberries, blueberries and apples and then add them to smoothies.  We also make jam and pies on occasion for special occasions.

Did you know brussels sprouts makes beautiful veggie art?

Miner's Lettuce

Sometimes we even grow gourmet mushrooms!  These are called blue oysters.

These are nasturtiums . . .  a nutritious, edible flower that has a peppery flavor.

These are green and purple varieties of asparagus.  Once initially planted, they continue to grow each spring for approximately 20 years.

Getting ready to make pickles

Rosemary hung up to dry

This is a photo of garlic that's ready to harvest.  In the Northeast it is planted in the fall and harvested early summer.

Apples early in the season

Early parsley from the greenhouse

From left to right:  French heirloom, acorn and butternut winter squash

Early table and cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse

Preparing sweet peppers for the freezer

Home canned tomatoe puree

String beans and kale

Bon Appetit and remember if you're not eating for health, you're eating for dis-ease!


For additional garden inspiration and recipes visit my sister site, A Life Well Planted.

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