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These are the quality brands that I most often reach for when sourcing the ingredients used in this book. There are certainly other brands and more will surely become available as time goes by. Some of these items may be sold in the bulk section of your local store; check for freshness.

Coconut Products

Coconut Secret - coconut aminos

Let’s Do Organic - creamed coconut in a block

Native Forest - coconut cream in a can

So Delicious Dairy Free - unsweetened coconut milk in a carton


Follow Your Heart - Soy-free Vegenaise (mock mayo)

Ginger People - pickled sushi ginger

Organicville by Sky Valley Foods - mustards and ketchup

Sir Kensington - avocado oil Fabanaise (mock mayo)

South River Miso Company - chickpea miso and azuki bean miso

Thai Kitchen - red curry paste (not organic)

Yellow Bird Foods - sriracha

Crackers, Pita, Tortillas

Sami’s Bakery - millet-flax pita and lavash

Siete - grain-free tortillas

Simple Mills - almond flour crackers

Dairy-free Cheese, Yogurt, Butter  

Kite Hill - plant-based artisan Greek-style yogurt made from unsweetened almond milk

Miyoko’s Creamery - cashew cheese mozzarella (plain and smoked), cream cheese, non-hydrogenated vegan butter

Treeline Tree Nut Cheese - hard and soft cashew nut cheeses, cream cheese

Flours, Powders, Starches

Arrowhead Mills - tapioca flour, rice flour

Brad’s Organic Products - blanched almond flour

Frontier Co-op - bulk baking soda

Hain Pure Foods - baking powder (corn-free and aluminum-free)

Namaste Foods - gluten-free flour blend, garbanzo bean flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, sweet brown rice flour, arrowroot starch (look for their organic line)

Fruits, Vegetables, Sea Vegetables

Bionaturae - strained tomatoes (purée), tomato paste

Cascadian Farm - frozen fruits and vegetables

Mediterranean Organic Products - sun-dried tomatoes, olives, roasted peppers

Bella Terra - San Marzano tomatoes: plain diced in jar, whole peeled in can

Frontier Co-op - dehydrated vegetable mix

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables - sustainably harvested

Pacific Foods - vegetable broth, low-sodium

Real Pickles - fermented pickles and vegetables

Woodstock - frozen fruits and vegetables (look for their organic line)

Herbs and Spices

Frontier Co-op - bulk herbs and spices, alcohol-free vanilla extract

Mountain Rose Herbs - bulk herbs and spices, arrowroot powder

Legumes and Grains

Ancient Harvest - quinoa (white, red)

Arrowhead  Mills - dry legumes, quinoa, barley

Cadia - canned beans, dry beans, lentils

Eden Foods - canned beans

Lundberg Family Farms - rice (tested for arsenic)

Shiloh Farms - legumes, quinoa, millet, oats, barley (look for their organic line)


Applegate Natural and Organic Meats - deli ham, turkey bacon, and chicken sausage

Bilinskies - chicken sausage (look for their organic line)

Nuts and Seeds

Arrowhead  Mills - flax seeds

Shiloh Farms - sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds (look for their organic line)

Tierra Farms - nuts, dried fruits

Woodstock - Nuts, dried fruits (look for their organic line)

Oils and vinegar

Bragg Products

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar


Chosen Foods

Avocado oil


Eden Foods

Mirin sweet rice cooking wine,

unpasteurized red wine vinegar,

sesame oil (cold-pressed, extra virgin)



Extra virgin olive oil



Explore Cuisine

Chickpea pasta, lentil pasta



Rice pasta


Lotus Foods

Ramen noodles

(sold with and without broth packet)


Now Foods

Pasta made from rice-quinoa-amaranth



Rice pasta



American Herbalists Guild

An association of herbal practitioners


Forks Over Knives

Film and website


Local Harvest

Farms, farmers markets, CSAs


Mother Earth News

Guide to living wisely


National Center for Home Food Preservation

Kitchen lab-tested home food preservation and processing methods


Rosemary Gladstar’s

Science & Art of Herbalism

Herbal home study course


Seed Savers Exchange

Heirloom seed conservation and exchange


T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Plant-based nutrition

eCornell certificate program


United Plant Savers

Medicinal plant conservation


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